Hello to all,

We hope you are all in good shape and staying strong.

It is with great sadness that we inform you of the end of the platform.

Our goal has always been to promote and make easy meeting people from all around the world, through intercultural activities, outings… But, unfortunately the pandemic came and the opportunities to meet became, and still are, very limited.

To top if off, OVH servers, where our website was hosted, recently caught fire which rushed the complete stop of

But it’s not over yet!

Comeety is not just a website. It’s about meeting people, sharing experiences, international friendships and a desire to interact and bond with open-minded people. So let us keep in touch and get together through the facebook page or the group. And soon, we all hope, we will be able to meet again in-person.

Please contact us if you want to create a Comeety group in your city and we will make available the link with the main page.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank, once again, all those who have helped bring the website alive and share an amazing and meaningful experience during these past 5 years.

Thank you all and the adventure continues!

The comeeteam

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